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DATA PROTECTION EXPERIENCE was created to guide all interested companies in full adapting to legal requirements of the personal data protection laws, national (as is the case of the General Personal Data Protection Act - LGPD) and international (as an example GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, among others) , regardless of the area and market of which they act.


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The “DATA PROTECTION EXPERIENCE” is an innovative seminar model, bringing together lectures and practical demonstrations of digital tools. All lectures will be applied in individual and complementary sections, aiming to address the main points of the companies' adaptation journeys to the legal requirements of privacy and personal data protection laws.

The seminar will be divided into individual sections, which will be objective and very direct, lasting 20 minutes each, being parallel and complementary to each other, aiming to address the main points to be considered by companies in their journeys of adaptation to all legal requirements from the personal data protection laws.

Thus, participants will have the opportunity to participate in all sections (if they want), or only of those that have interest, according to their convenience, prior knowledge and needs.


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The lectures will be divided into 4 central themes, each one to be presented in a mini-auditorium or specific area, which are described below (*):

1. Basic/Fundamental Concepts of Personal Data Protection and Privacy: This section will address general issues related to personal data protection and privacy issues, without delving into technical and/or legal issues. Our objective with the lecture is to convey to all participants concepts about what personal data is and the importance of the correct treatment of each category of personal data, which is currently regulated by personal data protection laws.

2. Practical adaptation of the compsnies to the privacy and personal data protection laws: This lecture will address all the steps that must be followed by all companies in their adaptation process to the legal requirements of  any personal data protection law.

3. Legal adjustments that must be done for the necessary compliance with the Privacy and Personal Data Protection Laws: In this lecture, law's specialists will present all necessary legal adjustments to be made for the companies' complete adaptation journeys, clearly indicating the main points to be considered;

4. Practical demonstration of digital tools necessary for the full adaptation of companies to the legal requirements of personal data protection laws: The main objective of this section will be to demonstrate digital tools that will support the full adaptation of companies to the legal requirements of the personal data protection laws. The tools will be demonstrated by their developer's expert engineers.

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All lectures will be repeated every 30 minutes, and their presentation schedule will be provided to seminar participants in order to provide them with the possibility to adjust their schedule to participate in the desired sections at their best convenience.


(*) The subjects to be presented on the sections could be adjusted, according to specific demands.


The privacy and personal data protection laws do not prohibit the use of personal data, but regulate the ways in which they must be treated by companies, in the public or private spheres, regardless of their sizes, billing volumes or segments in which they operate.


Is it clear that personal data are treated by the big majority of the companies worldwide, independent of their segments and markets on which they act. Thus, the issues related with the full adapting to legal requirements of the personal data protection laws will generate interest for all market.

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Thus, DATA PROTECTION EXPERIENCE seminar could be part of any event, related with any specific market field.

This seminar can be held in several formats, such as:

a.) Within specialized Trade Shows and Events in specific sectors;

b.) In the “in house” modality, in specific customers;

c.) As a single event.

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The technical curatorship will be in charge of Conformidados®, who will be in charge of preparing all the material to be presented in each of the sections, as well as indicating the specialists who will be responsible for the lectures to be given, in addition to coordinating the demonstrations of the digital tools that will be presented in the seminar.


It will be under the responsibility of the organizer of the event in which the seminar will be held:

a.) Provisioninig of 4 mini-auditoriums with a capacity for 20 people seated. In the case of the impossibility of the provisioning of the 4 mini-auditoriums, a single opened area can also be provided, with the arrangement of 4 different areas, each one with 20 chairs to acomodate 20 participants,  aiming to create different presenttion areas referred with each one of the sections (1, 2, 3 and 4);

b.) Provisioning of wireless receivers for the participants and a microphone for the speaker;

c.) Pulpit and projection screen (or LED TV) for the presentation of slides in each area;

d.) Lighting and energy;

e.) Receptionist (ticket verification).

In the same area of the seminar (with or without the respective mini-auditoriums), the event organizer should also provide one or two tables with chairs to be used by the seminar organization staff.


To facilitate and encourage the participation of interested parties in the major part of the seminar, the strategy is to charge tickets with reduced values for the participation in each of the sections, with discounts offered to those interested in participating in all sections, as a "promotional package".


These details can be discussed further with the organization of the event of which DATA PROTECTION EXPERIENCE will happen, also depending on your strategy.

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