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Training, Education and Consulting Ltd.

Atuamos como um "HUB" de soluções inovadoras para a adequação completa e correta  da sua empresa aos requisitos das leis de proteção de dados pessoais

Our services

We assist companies in their journey to adapt to the legal requirements of the LGPD (as well as any other personal data protection regulations that may be necessary).

Our strategic consultancy works directly with our clients, who actively participate in the collection phase of personal data processed in each of their internal processes. We carry out the inventory, mapping and analysis of data from collection to disposal. We create policies and documents aligned with internal demands and the LGPD, we implement technical and administrative actions in accordance with legal requirements with specialized legal support from professional experts in digital law and data protection.

We implement IT tools dedicated to preventing the loss of personal data processed by the company (unauthorized transfer of personal data outside the company), in addition to tools for locating personal data processed internally to the organization.

Our technical team implements, tests and monitors the start of operation of the tool used to prevent the loss of personal data (DLP - Data Loss Prevention), as well as the tool for discovering personal data in the company (Data Discovery).

We revalidate the adjustments made

We revalidate the adjustments already made by companies, evaluating whether they were completely and correctly carried out in accordance with legal requirements. We identify any remaining actions  to be carried out, with the implementation of the necessary technical and/or administrative measures aimed at the company's legal compliance.


Maintenance of Suitable Companies (*)

Maintaining compliance with the LGPD, through periodic monitoring and monitoring of the main indicators related to the protection of personal data and privacy, providing regular reports to companies that reveal the reality of personal data protection management in internal processes, identifying risks, weaknesses , threats and necessary improvements, thus facilitating the path to the adjustments, actions and immediate solutions necessary for legal compliance.

DPO As A Service

Provision of DPO As A Service services, in order to meet all specific customer demands, with all the necessary specialized legal support

DPO As A Service

Provision of DPO As A Service services, in order to meet all specific customer demands, with all the necessary specialized legal support


LGPD; O que é LGPD? Como adequar sua empresa à LGPD? Sanções da LGPD. Principais direitos dos titulares dos dados. Principais obrigações dos controladores e operadores de dados. Consentimento para tratamento de dados. Transferência internacional de dados. Dados pessoais. Base legal para tratamento de dados. Anonimização de dados. Portabilidade de dados. Eliminação de dados. Revogação de consentimento. Segurança da informação. Auditoria de dados. Responsabilidade civil por vazamento de dados. DPO (Data Protection Officer). ANPD (Autoridade Nacional de Proteção de Dados). Ações judiciais por vazamento de dados. LGPD na prática. LGPD para pequenas empresas. LGPD para grandes empresas. LGPD para startups. LGPD para e-commerce. LGPD para marketing digital. LGPD para mídias sociais. LGPD para educação. LGPD para saúde; Política de privacidade; Termos de uso; Consentimento informado; Manutenção da empresa adequada à LGPD; Adequação à LGPD; Multas.

Holistic and systemic personal data analysis

We observe and analyze the company as a whole, considering all interactions and relationships between parts (departments), rather than focusing on isolated elements. In other words, we analyze the personal data processed in a global manner, considering all aspects related to them. Furthermore, we understand data processing as part of an interconnected system, where each element influences and is influenced by the others. Therefore, for Conformidados, it is clear that personal data is processed by organizations in a complete and integrated manner, taking into account all factors and relationships that exist in their internal needs and business models.

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